I'm sew happy! by Sabine Milbrandt

I am Sabine Milbrandt, born 1977. I was practically born for handicrafts. I grew up with wool and knitting needles and was happiest playing with pens, glue, paper and scissors. My grandma would always wish me well when I went out in a self-made outfit. Though she feared that I would "never" get a husband from just sewing. Today however I have a patient husband and two bright boys.

In my little overcrowded sewing domain there are woven bands, patterns/eBooks and fabric samples. I hoard all sorts of sewing stuff in order to be prepared at all times should I need them in the future. Although I find cutting and ironing really annoying it is all forgotten when I hold the finished piece proudly in my hands; I am like a small child feeling delight right to the bottom of my heart.

I am always impatient and curious when the white hand-inscribed DIN A4 envelope with the first fabric patterns lands in the mailbox. I tear open the envelopes and immerse myself in the fabrics, leaving everything else standing. When I finally hold my designs in my hands and run my hands over the fabric patterns it is always a surprise and like Christmas and birthdays coming all at once. My designs on fabrics - this is a dream come true. I wonder to myself if the customer will get as much pleasure from the fabrics as I do and what they will create with them. After the distributor's newsletter has been sent from the resellers and emails with little hearts land in my Facebook-mailbox, I know then that my fabrics have been well received. This is a huge compliment and motivates me to continue to put my ideas to paper and onto fabric. It is a fantastic feeling when I can later marvel at images in the Internet of the items sewn or when I see "MY" fabrics on the shelf in the fabric store.

Hopefully I will continue to create many beautiful designs, which make the world a little bit more colourful and let our creative hearts beat a little bit faster.