Lycklig Design by Berit Winter

High up in the north where the stiff breeze blows right on the border with Denmark - is where I, Berit Winter, live - together with my husband, our 2 girls, the family dog and stray cat Bifi (he owes his name to the Bifi sausage - which is the colour of his coat).

Since I have always had to deal with straightforward Scandinavian design classics and new trends in my professional life, I am very happy to allow my inner child to surface in Lycklig Design. It is not surprising then, for my new designs I always create the cute figures first and then develop the matching combination fabrics.

I love to play around with new designs after work and between the everyday madness of homework, driving the kids around and general household chores. The inspiration for my designs is everywhere, which leads to the mobile phone camera often being used when shopping or the duster is thrown into the corner when a spontaneous new idea has to be scribbled on paper. Later in the office lots of drawings, printed screenshots and colour combinations can be found, which eventually all come together as a whole.

When creating new fabrics the designs become small loyal companions, so much so that I can hardly endure the tension and anticipation of the arrival of the new fabrics and unpacking is always a very special experience. The greatest gift for me is to then see how other people take pleasure from my fabric design.