Millidees by Stefanie Krauss

Hi, my name is Stefanie Krauss, I was born and raised in Stuttgart and am now living with my husband and my three children in Germany's front garden - Saarbrücken. For several years I have been working as a designer and illustrator for stationery and home accessories. Privately I dedicate myself to "nest building", we are constantly renovating our house, I love flea markets, gardening and everything beautiful.

Many of you will know my "himmlischen Schwestern" or the "Hasenbande", which I created for the company Räder. Drawing likeable, small characters is my passion. These are then transferred to porcelain, children's cutlery, postcards, stickers, calendars, gift paper, magnets and much more.

I get a lot of pleasure from creating something new. The most beautiful thing for me is the moment when a new design or drawing is completed. Patterns have always been an important design element of my work. It is fantastic now for me to be able to bring my designs to fabric and to see the beautiful things you sew!

I always have far more ideas than time - a fact which is evident in my label name: Millidees, tausend Ideen...