Our strengths

A wide range of products

As a leading fabric wholesaler in the fashionable clothing sector we develop and market unique collections of fabrics in children's and ladies' wear. By successfully cooperating with various different designers we are able to develop our own collections of fabrics exclusively offered by us. We use high-grade basic qualities that are refined mainly in the European region. The majority of these collections are certified according to ├ľko-Tex Standard 100 and partly EN 71-3 compliant!

In addition to these fashionable collections, we also offer a wide range of standard fabrics, which we have generously stocked for our customers in order to enable prompt delivery.

Our excellent procurement network also enables us to fulfil customer-specific inquiries.


Modern technologies / innovations

One result of the digitization of the working world is the contestant change in the development and production of fabrics. We began to integrate digital prints (inkjet) into our collections at a very early stage. This allows the new design and colour variations that give our collections a distinctive character.

At the same time we are constantly optimizing our merchandise management system to provide our customers with real-time information regarding item status, order status, etc. Our customers can order from our wide range of products online via a b2b webshop.


Customer service

Our expanded sales network enables us to provide our customers with an individual and effective service. To this end we have sales representatives in many sales regions to present our extensive collections. We also have a well-trained in-house sales team to competently provide our customers with expert advice. One of our strengths is the rapid processing and delivery of urgent customer orders.


Quality assurance

Our fabrics are craft products, which have specific characteristics and whose production always represents a new challenge. We only work with selected and reliable partners to ensure the very highest quality. Incoming material deliveries are only processed internally in our company, we never commission any subcontractors to perform this task. The same is true for our employees, as we do not hire agency or temporary workers.

Test our services and let us convince you of our stringent quality demands.