Care instructions Washing and care symbols

  • Please observe the care symbols indicated on our labels
  • Turn the ready-made garments inside out before washing
  • If you want to wash the goods in long lengths, avoid pieces that are too large, sew the edges of the selvedges together and wash the resulting "bag" with the right side of the fabric to the inside
  • Avoid washing with heavy, hard and rough clothing such as denim items. During the washing process these act like sand paper on the surface of high-colour prints
  • Use mild or colour detergents
  • Do not overfill the washing drum
  • Avoid spinning the fabrics to near "dry"! High demands are already placed on the printed fabric during the spinning process. From our experience we recommend setting a rotation speed of no more than 800 rpm
  • Do not leave printed fabrics in the dryer! In the dryer "fabric matter" is removed from the textiles, which can be seen in the lint filter! This results in dull and faded colours


The 'wash tub' symbol indicates that wet washing is possible. It applies to both hand and machine wash. The numbers in the wash tub correspond to the maximum wash temperatures. A bar under the symbol requires a milder wash e.g. gentle washing or lower machine filling. A hand in the symbol recommends hand wash only.


The symbol for chlorine bleaching is to be observed in the case of stain removal at home or for a treatment in a commercial laundry. Chlorinate is not common in Germany.


The points in the symbol indicate the maximum temperature. 3 points correspond to 200°C, 2 points 150°C, one point 110°C.

Chemical cleaning

The letters recommend cleaning and stain removing medium. A line under the symbol of the cleaning drum indicates a limit in the mechanical stress, added moisture or temperature.

Lined garments with inserts e.g. lady's and men's suits, jackets and coats are typically chemically cleaned.

Drying in tumble dryer

The points shown in the symbol of the drying drum indicate the drying stage. Two points correspond to normal drying, one point for gentle drying. Caution, the symbol does not indicate any shrinkage in the dryer.

Fabrics not suitable for tumble drying are usually wool, silk, polyacrylic and non-woven knitted fabrics without special marking.