JaTiJu by Tina Siepmann

Hi, I am Tina Siepmann, 36 years young, proud mum of two wonderful boys and wife of my dream husband. I work under the label "JaTiJu" a creation from the names of my sons and the street name of my home.

A few years ago I discovered my passion for sewing. I find it incredible to see what can result from a beautiful piece of fabric with the help of a sewing machine and a bit of thread; all without a magic wand and fairy dust.

I read somewhere that "Sewing is like being able to create magic!" and this I can only confirm. I feel exactly the same with designing.

I always find it fascinating to be able to bring about expressions and feelings with a simple pen on a white sheet of paper. Then there are the colours and the many details as a story comes into being. When I show the design to my husband and children I look closely at what emotion is in their eyes. When I see a grin or a smile I know I'm on the right track. My heart hops with joy when I see a child wearing clothes made from my designs, it makes me incredibly proud!!