GroWidesign by Annett Große-Wilde

GroWidesign: that’s me: mum, sewing fairy and a creative head full of ideas
Creative head – creativity was always my constant companion. At the age of 14 I turned my
old jeans to a rucksack using my mum’s old pedal-driven sewing machine. Later I added
colors to my creativity, preferably on a 2 by 2 meter canvas (or larger).
With the birth of my daughter sewing was back in my life. However, there was also
something else: plotting. This turned out to be a fully new area for my drawing and sketching
- I started drawing on a much smaller scale. The idea for a new, for my own label was
My ambition is to create projects that make everyday life a little bit more colorful and also
always to tell a little story. To know that my designs make children smile is great and also
makes me a little bit proud.
The design of fabrics has become a strong pillar of GroWidesign.
I am specialized on vector graphics and my signature features are clear lines with a certain
something. I receive my inspiration from my kids and from travelling around the world. This
allows me to easily immerse into the world of animals and nature and combine this with the
fantasy and imagination of kids.